Paraffin wraps

Paraffin wraps

Paraffin wrap has a beneficial effect especially on a dry and chapped skin, which nourishes, moisturizes and softens. It has also a positive effect on pain in joints, muscles and calms the nervous system.

Paraffin wax has an amazing ability to retain heat. When applied on the skin, it caused increasing of blood circulation, warms the area, open pores, which can better absorb the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in paraffin.Paraffin wrap can be applied on hands, feet, the joints, the back, according to current problems. Duration is about 30 minutes.

We recommend it for:
muscle contracture
pain in the joints and spine
chronic rheumatic conditions and trauma
suitable for increasing local blood circulation
dry, cracked skin

acute inflammation
high blood pressure
febrile infectious diseases
acute skin disease


150,- CZKhands
180,- CZKfeet

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