Physiotherapy is particularly suitable for spinal pain in all its sections, scoliosis, after operations and injuries. Lesson includes testing and treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, recommendation of appropriate compensatory exercises and physical activities.

350,- CZK25 min.
700,- CZK55 min.


Kinesiotaping je metoda využívající lepení bavlněné pásky na kůži pro ovlivnění pohybového a oběhového systému. Přináší úlevu během akutních i chronických obtíží pohybového aparátu. Normalizuje svalové napětí, uvolňuje přetížené svaly a měkké tkáně a zároveň zvyšuje napětí oslabených tkání, čímž zvyšuje jejich výkonnost. Stimuluje lymfatický a krevní systém, tlumí zánět a snižuje otok měkkých tkání.

200,- CZK15 min. - cena včetně materiálu
10,- CZK/10 cm v rámci jiné terapie

350,- CZK30 min.
700,- CZK50 min.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

is a gentle massage technique that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and promotes the flow of the lymph, which leads to the removal of harmful toxic substances from the body. Improves cleaning of the intracellular space and thus prevents of edema - lymphedema, congestion, signs of cellulite, etc. It is also suitable for total body detoxification. Supports cleansing of the whole body, greatly improves the immunity and regeneration and relaxation. 

700,- CZK60 min.

Instrumentation Lymphatic Drainage

is a treatment device Lymfoven which intermittently compresses the leg and creates pressure waves, which support both the lymphatic and venous system. Lymfoven is indicated for the treatment of lymph edema, venous insufficiency, to prevent deep vein thrombosis and post-traumatic rehabilitation of conditions associated with swelling of the affected limb, it is also suitable for heavy legs and feeling for signs of cellulite.

280,- CZK50 min.
2.500,- CZK10 aplikací

350,- CZK30 min.

120,- CZK20 min.

Paraffin wraps

Paraffin wrap has a beneficial effect especially on a dry and chapped skin, which nourishes, moisturizes and softens. It has also a positive effect on pain in joints, muscles and calms the nervous system.

Paraffin wax has an amazing ability to retain heat. When applied on the skin, it caused increasing of blood circulation, warms the area, open pores, which can better absorb the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in paraffin.Paraffin wrap can be applied on hands, feet, the joints, the back, according to current problems. Duration is about 30 minutes.

We recommend it for:
muscle contracture
pain in the joints and spine
chronic rheumatic conditions and trauma
suitable for increasing local blood circulation
dry, cracked skin

150,- CZKhands
180,- CZKfeet

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